An email I just sent to BT

By , July 25, 2011 7:31 pm

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is absolutely appalling support – all FIVE methods I tried for contacting BT regarding this issue failed:

  1. I responded to the email regarding incident number [CENSORED] providing a time and method for calling me as requested, but noone ever called back.
  2. I rang 0800 731 0286 and selected option 1 – it rang for several minutes with no answer then hung me up.
  3. There is a bug with your login process on where the password dialog box is not shown alongside the username dialog box, so I could not log in.  Additionally  requesting a new password failed, as did re-registration.
  4. Clicking “Contact Us” on does nothing.
  5. Clicking “Live Chat” on results in the error “There was a problem connecting to the Chat Server”.

All this is in regard to attempting to switch my landline back from Orange to BT.  Now I am beginning to wonder why I should bother.  At least I can talk to Orange, even if they get everything wrong.

If this ever reaches a human being, please call me as requested in my original email!


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