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get (no) satisfaction FAIL

By , March 2, 2010 11:17 am

I only just realised how lame is:

  • You can’t sort search results by popularity
  • You can’t restrict search results to answered or unanswered questions

Well, that pretty much renders it totally useless right there, for both customers and companies, unless the community you’re searching is tiny, in which case why would you need the site anyway?

Oh yeah, and the undocumented boolean AND searches don’t work.

Staggering.  (I’m praying someone will tell me I’m wrong about at least one of these.)

Update 2010/03/07: got a reply from getsatisfaction on search results sorting – I was right but there is a kind of lame alternative.


farewell KDE, hello GNOME

By , May 11, 2009 2:13 pm

Sad to say, I’ve jumped on the Torvalds bandwagon and switched from KDE 4 to GNOME. Sorry to all the hard-working KDE developers, but I just don’t have time to put up with a desktop plagued by numerous regressions, and worse, a crippled front-end to NetworkManager. There appear to be two versions of knetworkmanager – the 3.5.x branch which for some reason went under a significant UI redesign and is now harder to use and more buggy, and the 4.x branch which AFAIK is still unfinished and unreleased. That was the last straw for me – the NM front-end is arguably the most important component of any modern Linux desktop (from the point of view of laptop users anyway), so I find it fairly staggering that KDE still doesn’t have one which is stable, polished, and well-designed with respect to usability.

There were other things, like korganizer getting slower and more buggy, phonon not working right, plasma’s bizarre customisation UI and tendency to leak memory like a sieve, a device notifier pop-up which often makes new devices invisible and unclickable … but enough is enough, life is too short. GNOME does what I need (which isn’t much, thanks to the flexibility of openbox).


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