announcing rypper (again)

By , May 20, 2010 10:54 pm

Back in August 2009, I announced the release of a simple script called rypper which I wrote to wrap around zypper and provide the ability to make batch operations on repositories. Here are some example usages:

# list all disabled repos
rypper -d

# list all enabled repos with autorefresh off
rypper -e -R

# list all repos which have anything to do with KDE
rypper -x kde

# list priority and URIs for all repos whose alias contains 'home:'
rypper -a home: l -pu

# enable autorefresh on all OpenSUSE Build Service repos
rypper -u -R mr -r

# remove all repos on external USB HDD mounted on /media/disk
rypper -u /media/disk rr

I only got one response so I assumed it wasn’t that useful to other people.

However here I am at BrainShare EMEA in Amsterdam surrounded by like-minded geeks, and in a fit of enthusiasm / procrastination, I have finally got round to learning how to build openSUSE Build Service packages, and so proudly (?) present my first OBS package release: the 1-click install version of rypper. Enjoy!

UPDATE 21 March 2011: based on feedback from SLE Product Management, I have submitted a formal request to have zypper extended to include this kind of functionality.


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