Motorola doesn’t get it

By , March 1, 2010 10:24 pm

I just posted this on Motorola Europe’s facebook page:

Just got a Milestone and am impressed with the hardware but disappointed with Motorola’s attitude towards European customers regarding the closed bootloader. [An official statement from the manager of the technical team behind the MOTODEV program at Motorola] says “This practice is driven by a number of different business factors” but does not explain further – what are you hiding, Motorola? You seem to be underestimating

  • (a) the potential of a technology community which promotes collaboration rather than hindering it (why do you think Android grew so quickly in the first place?), and
  • (b) the importance of regular, open communication with your customers.

Sadly if this continues, I expect HTC and your other competitors will leave you far behind.


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