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By , June 20, 2009 7:13 pm

Finally started using my CompuTrainer a bit more. Just rode 20km in the lounge with the computer pacing me at 200 Watts. After so much riding with guys way stronger than me, the temptation to draft the computer is difficult to resist. However in the last 500 metres it spontaneously decided to make a sprint for the finish line – the bloody cheek! Obviously I couldn’t allow a bunch of transistors to beat me so I sprinted after it and hit the finish line 0.05 seconds ahead, narrowly avoiding embarassment. Next step is to start doing brick sessions

By the way, in case anyone googles for computrainer linux, I am actually running it under VMware Workstation on LinuxMCE 0710 which is based on Ubuntu Gutsy. It works great with the unfortunate exception of the Interactive Real Course Videos (IRCV), which seems to be due to missing support in VMware Workstation for VMR9. I’ve posted about this in both VMware Communities and the RacerMate Forum but noone has been able to suggest a solution so far.

UPDATE 15th February 2010 – great news! Check out this fantastic new piece of software called Golden Cheetah!


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  1. Mark Liversedge says:

    I realise this is an old blog post, but it ranks quite high on google searches.

    If you are still running that CT on a Linux box you have another option — GoldenCheetah now supports Computrainer workouts with mrc/erg files. We’re also working on internet racing.


    • Adam says:

      Hi Mark,

      Yes, I actually discovered this a few days ago but thanks for reminding me to update my blog about it! Congratulations on the great work – I’m also a software developer and will try to help out with the project in a small way at some point as my little free time allows!

  2. Equipement-Vélo says:

    I just love computrainer! this is probably the BEST way to train during the winter. A thousand time better than any trainer 🙂

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