140km – ouch

By , April 18, 2009 5:50 pm

Tip for all you club riders out there – if, at the beginning of the ride, the leader happens to be an accomplished Ironman triathlete and asks what kind of ride you want, don’t say things like “long” or “I’d like to go some new places” unless you have a seriously masochistic streak!

It was Matt’s “taper ride” only 8 days before he runs the London marathon, so we thought it wouldn’t be too taxing (somehow we forgot he is hoping to run it in 2:40) – but 3 hours in, we started to see signs for places on the coast like Hastings, and then everyone was like “ummm… shit, where ARE we exactly!?” followed soon by a realisation that we were at least 3 hours away from home. On the plus side, I remember some truly beautiful scenery from the bits which weren’t blotted out by pain.

There’s a chunk missing because we were out for so long that my phone went into low battery mode and switched GPS tracking off…


rain – good or bad?

By , March 27, 2009 10:29 pm

My triathlon training has totally sucked so far this year, what with being away a lot and having a stupid cough for ages. Then just as I was beginning to get back into running I got a weird kneecap ache thing, probably through doing a 12-miler while out of shape. So still at my heaviest ever, around 72kg! Noone seems to believe me when I tell them, so there’s still a bit to go before I’m an official fatboy. The “pack-o-meter” is currently in the danger zone with readings around 4 rather than a healthy 6, any closer to 1 will represent a state of emergency… Beginning to get back into it now though – did manage my first gentle swim in ages in the hotel, and a quick run early with no knee ache at all which was encouraging.

Time for an early(ish) night then maybe up at 7am for the usual 80km with the Tritons but the forecast is cold and possibly wet so I may opt for a much-needed lie-in instead and then attempt to compensate via the CompuTrainer which I finally got up and running.


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